• whitewings 24w

    I know he's not perfect.
    But neither am I.
    I know he does mistakes
    and messes up sometimes.

    I know his bad habits
    and his circle of friends.
    He told me about his college
    and also about his ex girlfriend.

    But despite everything,
    after knowing all the disarray and dirt,
    I choose to love him
    for his honesty and effort.

    No matter how heartbreaking,
    no matter how tough,
    he lets me know the truth
    curbing all confusion, that could cause hurt.

    I love him for the way he sits with me,
    through the mayhem and chaos
    of those dark nights of my mind,
    when I'm struggling to find a reason to survive.

    I love him for the way he says 'I love you'
    when I'm being insecure for no reason at all.
    And I love him, simply because
    I can't picture myself
    loving anyone else.