• written_pearls 5w

    My Beloved

    It's so surreal
    to look at you.
    You have a countenance
    different from every shrew.

    You trick me day and night,
    to listen and do every little thing,
    Without any prizes or rewards
    nor any dresses or bling.

    You're welcome to come
    whenever you feel
    Through the taps or the shower head,
    just be near me.

    Oh my water,
    how much I crave you.
    Oh my sweet unpolluted water
    how much I search for you.

    I hope for the day,
    when the rivers are pristine.
    When I can see myself
    reflected on your clean surface.
    When I don't have to walk for hours,
    Or look at empty waterholes.
    When I don't die from the need which is becoming a luxurious desire.