• gazania_marine 10w


    I'm all confuse
    In this stage of my life,
    Which path should I choose?
    What goal should I strive?

    Now, I find this choice is boring
    But I know my future will be set;
    I have another choice which is interesting,
    But don't know if my later needs will be met.

    For everything that they've done for me,
    I can't thank them enough;
    The best parents and family
    The only ones that I've loved.

    They already have an aim for me,
    But don't know if it matches with mine;
    But I'll surely give a try,
    And I'll still be searching for my own ways to shine.

    I'm still confused now in whatever I do,
    But I'm praying to God;
    He'll surely give me a clue,
    In every difficult paths, how to get through.

    However confused I am now,
    I surely know, I'll end up one day;
    In something which will allow
    To spread my wings in every way.

    So nothing to be scared of,
    Nothing to be worry;
    When God the Almighty is above,
    To show and strengthen me to never give up.