• d_i_v_a_expressions 5w

    The Old and The New

    Saying goodbye to the old dreams.
    Saying hello to the new dreams.
    Letting go of what used to be.
    Holding on to what could be.

    Saying no to the old life.
    Saying yes to the new life.
    Inhaling the Spirit's breath.
    Exhaling Satan's death.

    Saying the prayer of renunciation.
    Saying the prayer of salvation.
    Releasing tears of pain.
    Releasing tears of peace.

    Saying okay to the narrow road.
    Saying nay to the wide road.
    Going ahead to lose my life to find it!
    Instead of saving my life to lose it!

    Saying humility paved the way.
    Saying pride finally gave way.
    Giving the Lord first place.
    Giving Satan no place.

    September 11, 2019