• awanjo 10w


    I miss the good old
    days when everyone had a heart of gold,
    and was bold
    to hold
    the other. We have become so cold,
    all we do now is scold.
    There is no morality to uphold,
    to mold
    the lives of our kids. The old
    are not available to hold
    the kids hands. They are controlled
    but the charm of profusion. They can't mould
    the gold
    when it is cold
    so they allow it to fold.
    Where did we take the galore
    love? It is like hate washed ashore
    and brotherhood sank deep. It's no more.
    Where is the spirit that would adore?
    All we do now is abhor.
    Where are the times when we would open a door
    to a legit stranger with no floor
    to lie on? We no longer establish rapport.
    It is always a roar here and a roar
    there. This wound is sore
    and you can all bare witness. we need to restore
    the love we have lost in this downpour
    of hate and war.