• avinashwrites 10w

    Only If I could tell you

    You know? of course you don't
    But only If I could tell you..
    May be you're the one I used to manifest..
    You're not like everyone but the best..
    Even with my eyes closed I can differentiate you from the rest..
    But only If I could tell you..
    Your face is divine..
    Your the one I would love to call mine..
    Your precious just like a finely grown wine..
    You're the best, arrest me if calling you best is a crime...
    But only If I could tell you..
    You're the chapter of someone else's life..
    Thinking about you, is just like walking on an edged knife..
    You will not be mine, still I dont have the feeling of deprived..
    Cause if you're happy there, I wiil smile and thrive..
    But only if I could tell you!