• girlwithfeeblefables 5w

    A Hell of a Ride!

    The day was the last one of an intricate decade. The very decade which we started while holding onto our parents' hands and now, here we stand today, ended up as adults.

    Ten years ago, life was so simple. Starting from getting up in the morning, waiting with mouth open for mom to brush my teeth to dropping me to school, she had me all covered under her wings. Coming back from school was a way too difficult task, for, my mom has been a working lady and it was hard for the 10 year old me to wait till 7:30pm. Each day, my excitement used to be at its peak when she rang the doorbell, as she never failed to bring me toffees. Life seemed 'the best' with no tantrums, no dramas, school going well and good. Talking about the school, a large friend circle always waited back there. Being the apple of the eyes of the teachers seemed to be no speciality, we all diverged out from that point. Life was basically 'picture-perfect'.

    With a sigh, let's talk about now. What do I have now? Getting up in the morning with a heavy heart of some unknown reasons I'm still trying to figure out; school replaced by a college, where dreams are supposed to come true but we are expected to untangle all our knots alone. Friends are divided and subdivided under the conditions of back-stabs and lies, and here am I left with is one genuine person promising me to walk with me as long as my feet touch the grounds. One of the favourites? Nah, a gossip factor. Each day is a constant failure of trials to make this life 'picture-perfect' once again. Among all these, the only constant thing all these years is Mom, but old and fragile now. Life has given me knives stabbed hard into my back, but the only thing that aches my heart is the growing paleness and wrinkles on her face. It's worrisome for me, since she has been the angel under whose wings I grew mine, and now when I'm ready to take the flight, she's losing her ability to bear her own weight. Although I am proud that in these last years I'm able to gift her with the belief that I have become capable to shoulder her responsibilities and wear her shoes, yet my heart thuds with sadness for she's growing older day by day. If that's the case with time, I don't have any problem with the time stopping forever, where I get to be my mom's little girl forever and ever after.

    We all unknowingly moved a decade towards death, the forbidden mystery we live for, from life, the beautiful curse we all suffer from. And we will, through this upcoming decades too. I hope my constant remains one till the last breath I take, and I can fulfill her in all ways in the same way she did for me when I barely could take a step alone.

    Long story short, it was a hell of a ride.