• banoyolo 23w

    Best Friend

    I believe everyone needs them but not desperately as I do. I need a friendship built from strong foundation.I need a person who will see my blemish and accept me. I need a person who is gonna lift my head up whenever it is down and tell everything will be fine. Someone who will hold my hand and walk me through life. A person who can create a locked box for my secretes and never give a key to anyone.

    Where are you best friend, where should I search for you. I need someone to get mad with. Someone who will discover my wiredness and still enjoy being me and watch me getting stupid and still not Judge me.
    I need you, where you at my person.
    I am in the dark I know you can get me out of here.
    My demons are laughing at me I know you can protect me. I know whererever you are you also need me.