• dania_siddiqui 5w

    NOT that EASY but NOT so DIFFICULT

    To be a GIVER in a world of TAKERS
    To be a FORGIVER in a world of REVENGERS
    To be SELFLESS in a world of SELFISH people
    To choose GOOD over the EVIL
    To be more KIND against CRUELTY
    To be more LOVING against HATRED and ENMITY
    To be a HELPING HAND among people so SELF OBSESSED
    To lend a LISTENING EAR to the people who are in DISTRESS
    To be a PERSON with CHARACTER and not only NAME and FAME
    In a world where love has lost its meaning, humanity has died and people playing blame-game on character
    It is not so easy to be more understanding, to be more human
    But it is not so difficult to dare to be different