• ablaze_writer 10w

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    @luna_tic_ see how beautifully I ruined this prompt :'(

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    The sky seems forlorn at an odd hour
    for the people are now back to their den
    and it seems right time, to get away from them
    I look at the sky and moon isn't there
    now as I dive into this dark unending ocean
    there is no going back to the shores of hope
    but I look upto something crystal like
    someone who is calm in this unending chaos
    for what I seek is still a mystery
    I am still trying to break in
    the dreams
    d̶r̶e̶a̶m̶s̶ ̶
    which are
    Fernweh to my feelings
    I long for them to be a complete pleasure
    but they turn out to be laying danger
    I sense I'm becoming a complete failure
    but she stands there smiling with her long hair
    and I want to write a poem, which will define the
    Essence of dark night with my set of eyes
    who are sober and drunk on illusion
    just treasuring the moon in her eyes.