• annieverghese 6w

    How the little things that we enjoyed
    till sometime back, became nostalgia-
    a past we might have to leave behind,
    so that we stay safe to create more memories!
    Strolling through a haven of books
    with a mask, will deprive us the pleasure
    of smelling the pages, be it fresh or torn.
    The glee of walking under an umbrella
    with more than people it can hold,
    will remain a dream, with social distancing.
    A gang prancing into a friend's lunchbox
    even before it is opened, will be a reminiscence from the days of yore,
    with the inevitable hand washing.
    And the occasional trips to have street food
    wouldn't be encouraged anymore.
    We can no longer afford to stay lazy
    and hang around without taking a bath,
    when we get back home and the privilege
    of piling up dirty clothes without washing
    might also have to be renounced.
    And the odours of the ones we love
    wouldn't be recognized, as sanitizers
    have taken an irreplaceable space
    between us.
    How I yearn for these little things...