• saumya_mis 31w

    Roses have Thorns too,
    for they are not meant
    to break everytime.
    Blooming till Shrivelling
    This is what their life is!
    Ah! Roses have Secrets too.
    They have pain too.
    They have tears too.
    They have fears too.
    Leaving fragrance in our hands,
    to losing fragrance in air
    This is what they meant for!
    Love breaks heart
    Roses are Crushed.
    Love makes you cry
    Roses die first.
    First proposal by Love
    Roses are kept secure
    First Breakthrough by love
    Roses are thrown first.
    Ah! Roses have secrets too.
    Secrets of heartache
    Secrets of zeal
    This is what they are kept for!
    Plucking from plants to
    Fragmenting into petals
    This is what the pain they bear.
    Ah! Roses are Silent too
    They are melancholic too
    They are oppressed too.
    Thorns are our Enemies
    but the secret keepers of
    Thorns hurt us, leave scars
    in our hands
    but paint stars in petals of Roses.
    Ah! Roses have secrets too! ❤️
    ©Saumya Mishra

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