• lost_viper 51w

    So now, my lane has forked into two....
    I don't know which to choose....don't know what to do.
    One is the same old lane I walked miles alone.
    Other is a new lane....with the bright lights on.
    As the wintry night has hit my street...
    I could see the new lane as far as it's lit.
    New life awaits there... new people and new sights.
    Atleast I won't have to stare at my worthless nights.
    I take a step towards that lane....but stop again.
    Something inside me was wrenching in pain.
    What is it....that's holding me back?
    Is it the confidence to try.... that I lack?
    Or is it the memories which is tied to this lane
    The memories I don't want to get overwritten.
    As this dilemma grows inside me
    I become tangled....it's hard to come out free.
    Standing at the crossroads....I don't know what to do.
    I stare at the lanes ahead....forked into two.