• pollyannaish 9w


    Giggling at our own stupid joke's while taking a evening walk along our street we overheard few men chatting, one of them passed a statement quoting 'women can never hold secrets'.
    Well i agree women are usually chatter box, they are often found gossiping about their issues and problems i do admit they share their personal life with their closed ones but does that mean they can't hold secrets.
    Have you ever came across a wife who had been ill treated by his husband and had choose to keep her mouth shut for the shake of her husbands reputation?
    Have you ever interacted with a mother whose children have stopped caring for her, yet she keeps saying my child are the best they do so much for me, when the truth is better known.
    Have you ever came across a sister who hide all secrets of her bother or younger sisters and when every their is an issue she readily takes up all blame to protect them.
    Have you ever came across a grandmother who is the best secret holder of her grand children.
    It is so easy to pass a statement without getting deep into the concept, sometime i wonder how quick are we in believing something without getting deep into the thing.
    Do you still believe that statement to be true?