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    How easily we say all these things, right?
    "My life is hard. It's difficult."
    Ohh yeah. Your life is hard. It's difficult. Why?
    Ohh, I get it, your boyfriend left you. No? Ohhh, so it's because your parents denied buying that iPhone you wanted to show off.
    Hey dear, just step out of your house. You need not go too far. Just go up till the nearest traffic light. Or maybe, those metro pillars. Or, maybe, some dustbin area. Anything that's nearest to you. Don't tire yourself because you might then again start feeling, your life's difficult.
    So, once reached, what do you notice? A few kids? Or maybe, a man with tattered clothes? Or maybe, 2-3 women selling balloons?
    Now, that's a hard life. That is struggle.
    On one hand where you are struggling to get an iPhone, they don't even have food to eat. But, it's ok..iPhone is anyhow more important.
    While you are thinking of ending up your life just because your boyfriend/girlfriend left you, they are trying to enjoy their lives there, on the road, managing between the fact racing cars and the whole lot of pollution and unstoppable honking. But, again, life without bf/gf is hard but, the pollution is acceptable.
    I understand, things do turn up ugly but in such times, better be thankful for what you have rather than thinking of giving up or complaining.
    Be happy.

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