• aphrodite08 5w

    The Girl In The Night

    There's a girl in the night she walks around lost with her heart in tow, I can't imagine baring the life or burdens she must carry at night, you see when the sun has set and the moon starts to rise, she gets uneasy, she can't stay still, no amount of love and compassion can keep her grounded to the floor, she's wandering trying to find herself out in the gloomy darkened light, she knows the demons that search for there prey, she doesn't even notice because she only sees a blank reflection of the girl she use to be, she searches steadily for her, but she never finds her, it's like playing hide and seek but you realize after years of trying, that you are playing by yourself, and then you realize that she's not even there in the dark to find, it's like the snake has tricked you with the Apple, and you break into so many more pieces, see what the girl doesn't know is to be fixed you have to first be broken, she doesn't see though because deep down she's drowning in the abyss only hoping to maintain her empty efforts instead of truely pulling herself up from the pool of shattered pieces, when will she see? Everyone starts out broken, no one comes complete, you fix yourself into who you want to be out of all the broken pieces of glass life has left you, one tiny piece at a time, it won't do it for you, life thrives on the lost and once you realize and you'll become new, and create the mirror that was inevitable to be made, you will never let anything make you or keep you broken again!