• roxana91 9w

    Each other

    You were special to me,
    Until you chose to be like everyone else.
    I loved you, until I realized,
    I was making the biggest mistake.

    You thought you'd replace me quickly
    If you brought her to your bed.
    But I think your love is only for rent.
    And someone has to pay.

    When you see me,
    You turn your head as if you don't recognize me,
    And I pretend I don't know you,
    Two strangers...

    I loved you until my inner feelings paralyzed me.
    You can be with her,
    And with her too,
    With all the bodies you want in your bed.

    One day you will meet someone
    Who can keep your heart beating,
    Even if my heart is broken now...
    Let's pretend we didn't know each other,
    After all, we never know each other better.