• devils_own_daughter 30w

    Do not look into her eyes
    It's still ,deep and sullen
    It'll hypnotize you
    And make you to be in prison
    Of your own mind
    She'll make you to weep for her gaze
    For whole life
    She seldom set free her prisoners
    Her eyes will be the only world
    Where You survive,
    You'll be deadly alive
    She'll never let you think
    Nor you will
    She manipulates your soul
    She rules your mind
    You'll love her with every inch of your existence
    But she repay desolation
    She never decives, she never loves anyone
    She just reigns entire you
    It's not her fault
    It'll be yours
    The uncontrollable fall for her
    Just looking into her eyes
    She'll make though if not,
    She is