• my_tiny_chapter 5w


    I have seen nights emerge
    out from memories
    with your name engraved 
    across the blood moon 
    You rose within me
    like a lost shadow
    clinging to the side of the moon,
    attached to it's push and pull,
    while a ghoul
    pushed me onto a spiky pillow,
    that crowns my dreams regal
    over murky lands,
    from somber realms
    to the wake of blue.
    Ever since,
    Lost time adheres to
    the skin beneath my eyes–
    black as the darkness
    that threatens to devour me.
    It's not the dark I fear
    but rather the things 
    that happen to me in the dark. 
    I have come to believe
    in phantoms that lurk
    in silence
    waiting for subtle signals
    of self destructions.
    Lost and a little hopeless
    Blurred moon sits quiet,
    While the world is too busy,
    drenched in it's artificial light.
    the feelings of emptiness
    are quite heavy.
    I tarry alone -
    taciturn without viable strength,
    fearing only the persistent noise
    not yet heard
    As,I am forever lost
    inside this deserted caves
    without echoes
    I’m afraid if my memory
    will imprint a false copy,
    to soothe a mind
    that’s under the weather.
    What if it’s all different
    when we meet again
    And what if our hearts
    have shifted to a place
    we can’t locate?

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    Spectre of my mind

    I don’t need to see you
    to know you are there
    inserting yourself
    into the nothing left
    between me and the door
    while you just hover...