• mikerylander 5w

    to feel if it's real

    I just want to meet you in person;
    just once should be all that we need.

    I want to look deep into your eyes,
    and see how it feels when our souls touch.

    I just want to hold you and hug you,
    and feel how your body feels in my arms.

    I just want to know how your skin feels,
    and how it feels when it touches mine.

    I want to kiss you...
    then passionately,
    fueled by the fire of our lust.

    I want to know...
    what I feel,
    what you feel,
    what we feel.

    Is it fairy tale?
    Or is it real?

    And I feel,
    to really feel if it's real,
    is to feel what we really feel,
    when I finally really feel...


    and You
    really Feel
    Me too.