• genevievemei 6w

    Class day, it was normal,
    And yet everyone looked so formal.
    Their uniforms neat, and hair tidied,
    Everyone had seemed to be ready.

    Except for one, a particular student,
    Who seemed not at all prudent.
    Her hair a mess, and her shirt crinkled,
    Others were ready but she seemed not.

    So a girl went up to her,
    And held her hand softly.
    She brought her back to class,
    And took out a small bag.

    A comb she used to tidy her hair,
    And a cream to soften her face.
    Her cheeks were rosy, and her eyes peach,
    She looked pretty, unbelievably so.

    Finally, a final touch with her lips,
    A dash of red and she was done.
    Looking at her close, she started to realize,
    How beautiful she actually was.

    She stared for a while,
    But the other smiled at her.
    "Thank you for helping me,"
    "No, it was all my pleasure."


    "Only up close could she realize, she was beautiful all along."

    9th October, 2019

    #girl #beauty #face #firstlook #pod

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