• night_time_reader 22w

    Better than me

    I have known you a year,
    But yet know nothing about you,
    I have worked with you for a year,
    But yet I don't compare.

    A relentless comfort comes to me,
    But yet I'm not sure as for you,
    I speak to all I can,
    You speak to as little as you can,
    But still you have more friends.

    If you were to walk by,
    I may watch you,
    If I you then you probably wouldn't,
    I may try to crack your code,
    But I'm not good enough.

    I will try to make a joke,
    You may crack a smile,
    But yet that's not enough to see you,
    And you see straight through me.

    Your better than me,
    You make me want to be better,
    You frustrate me,
    You engage me,
    You warm my heart,
    All the while,
    Embodying a level I will never achieve.