• sathwik_23 10w

    ~Tiny tales

    10 years down the line
    Our anniversary dinner is pizza and wine.
    on our couch
    that we've gotten used to
    like each other's presence and idiosyncrasies.
    So when you tell me you had forgotten
    all about the day today,
    I refrain from getting mad
    and kiss you hard instead.
    and when I flip the channel to watch
    a horror movie, You wrap your
    arms around me, my cute little patronaus charm.
    You make my dementors flee, as with my sorrows.
    The moonlight will die down eventually
    and our love will turn into a habit we cling on to, We're told And maybe they're right.
    For when I propose you holding the last slice of pizza and a joke
    You break into a giggle and an instant yes.
    I stuff that piece in your mouth
    And share it with mine. We've never been
    So wild in love,
    Into the couch we drown
    Our skin at their closest,
    Our souls,left in awe
    Maybe we're too used to this comfort
    to let it go.
    Or maybe the feeling of us being together
    Just never gets old.