• rumanrulesneverend 20w

    We both are totally different from each other.
    I'm a chatter box and
    he was like a book,
    silent but depth of ocean.
    I'm a rising sun and
    he was a moon a wish of many bloom.
    I'm like a hot coffee (shot temper)
    But he was like a dua (peace).
    that there is difference between
    me and you are sky and ground.
    But one thing has made us
    stay together forever and ever.
    We both are belong to the darkness.
    I can die seeing my moon. yeah that's you!
    And he can make me alive by her poetry.
    Yeah he was a writer,
    a poet who hold my breath,
    with her flawless words on my beauty.
    The way you pen down on me,
    maybe no one can describe
    the feelings and the emotions of
    this chapter where you
    titled me as your "last breath".
    I know you read me
    without skipping a day.
    You know how I sense this?
    when my heart skip a beat
    when I start feeling shy
    when my cheeks turn red
    when i start continuously
    painting your name on my sky.
    when ever you read me
    I can feel your touch.
    Ahan! that's another thing
    now I'm a star where you
    can see me on grey skies.
    But, I left my ink on your shirt
    this stains never gonna be vanish. And
    wish me again for you in next live too.
    Because "I love you" like a paradise.

    Bg credits- Pinterest.

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    I'm the ink of love, pen me down in the
    book of your heart.
    Make me the blessed chapter of your life.
    rather than making me a untold story.