• rumi_zubair 23w

    It's raining

    It's raining clouds of love. As if a court has been set and a lover has been accused .
    I can see his tears . I can hear his crying .
    He's shouting, he hasn't done anything wrong .
    He's saying to mighty judge :- you have filled the universe with love. Don't you see how planets move , how stars twinkle and how rivers flow. Don't you see how moon follows sun and sun follows moon . Don't you see how a plant ruins itself, shed it's leaves and seeds only to make growth of new seedling possible . It's all out of love. So, how can you accuse me of being a lover .
    But little does the poor lover knew, it's not an accusation but an honour and the whole world is witnessing his love.
    #rumijr #broken_diary.