• spiceslotusr 23w

    if I can travel back in time
    I want to go back to that time
    that time when I was little child
    a time when there is a smile that always adorn my face, my family's face, and the faces of people around me

    That smile is always on my mind
    which I keep carrying to this day

    if I can go back to the past
    does not mean I want to change what was happened
    I just want to feel it again,
    through it again
    and if that happens I will really keep that feeling tightly

    does not mean I'm always happy back then
    I also cried and sad
    but happy will not exist without sadness
    and laughter will not exist without tears

    if I can go back to that time
    I'll be really careful to look at all my actions so I can remember it right this time

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    Something in the past
    Will always in the past
    Not in the present
    Not in the future
    But We can take it along forever as we want to
    so we can called it memories

    Memories is something that:
    We can feel it in our heart
    We can see it in our minds
    Like we roll some movie scene