• x_river_of_bones_x 10w

    Freeing you from your self

    I dig six figures in the ground from the bound, soil in hand.
    No matter how many layers I pull from the coffin.
    She is my only through the rain only blaming myself.
    She is the only keeping myself whole, 6 feet below.
    Buried and shackled and bound by her past.
    I'm forcing myself past the illusion I cannot save her from herself.
    I keep pulling even as she pushes me back.
    I can feel scars from agony, tragedy.
    Through the blood and sweat I fight to death and back.
    Wether she sees me as her savior I only want for this moment her salvation.
    Through the chunks mud I flung, my feeling underground.
    I'm sorry so sorry I can't be there for you.
    I'm no hero in this story just a fool to release you.
    Without you I'm lonely with no future.
    I can't see anything I want more than your soul.
    Holding you back with you think you dont matter.
    The grave you made, sleeping endlessly, eternity.
    I only look forward freeing you from yourself.
    Even as I heave and collapse to my knees.
    Knowing you deserve better.
    Wish was me but, I only want you to break from these shackles that bind you.
    I'm sorry, as I lay dying breathing from exhaustion.
    I was not your choice, but that's what I fought for.
    I leave this body even if close to the ground
    I was only this,
    Killing myself to free you from yourself.