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    Forever Mine

    ( I - First Day️ )

    { Yoonah's Pov }

    I was late on my first day.

    As I entered the school hallway, all of a sudden all the girls started shouting and cheering. A group of girls pushed me aside and ran towards the gate completely ignoring me.

    Like wtf?

    I balanced myself and then turned my gaze to figure out what's happening.

    A group of boys were coming, all were well dressed. As they got closer and closer, I could see seven boys walking while chit chatting about something, completely ignoring the fangirls.

    One of them, also made a disgusted face when he saw a girl, who was literally unbuttoning her shirt, showing her cleavage to them.

    Pfft!... Serves you right, for pushing me earlier.

    Wait a second, did I tell you that they all were Hot as Hell?!?    No?    Well, they were much more than that!

    I saw a girl who was putting her books inside the locker, not concentrating much on the boys, unlike others.

    I walked to her, "Who are they?". I asked while looking at those boys.

    "Ah...I see.. You are newbie, right?" She smiled at me and then shut the locker's door.

    "Um.. Yeah." I said getting a bit nervous.

    She flashed me a genuine smile, as if she knew I was getting nervous, "They are BTS."

    "Who?" I asked, diverting my gaze from those boys to look at the girl, standing right beside me.

    "Kingka of our school." She replied and I just made a 'oh' face to her, not really getting what to answer to that.

    "Leave it! What's ur name?" She asked once again sensing the awkwardness in the surrounding.

    "Kim Yoonah."

    She smiled at me and spoke, "Myself Kim Jihyun. Which class?"

    "That one." I said, pointing to a class on our right. She smiled brightly at my reply.

    "Jinja? Mine too... Let's go!!" She said and grabbed my hand while running towards the class.

    As I entered the class with Jihyun, she sat on her seat while I was searching for one. My eyes spotted an empty seat beside the window and at the back.


    As I was going to sit...

    "You must be the new student, Introduce yourself to the class. Class silent!!!!" A mid aged women said while clapping her hands for attention.

    She must be Mrs. Lee...

    "Hi... Myself Kim Yoonah. I have shifted here from Busan. I hope I will make friends here." I bowed but there was silence.

    No one replied....

    Ah, there's Jihyun waving at me.

    I just moved my legs and sat on that empty seat.

    "Class, open your books." Mrs Lee ordered.

    She was saying something about European history. But I didn't pay attention, I was really tired and just wanted to sleep. After shifting in my new house, I haven't slept much.

    Door opened and three boys entered.

    They look familiar. Oh, they are  Bee Tea Ass!

    "Late again...? Nevermind, Go sit." Mrs. Lee said while rolling her eyes.  Why didn't she scold them?

    One of them was coming towards me, looking at me with those eyes, full of... hatred? Why is he looking at me with those cold eyes? Why is he coming here? What did I do?

    "Hey you, Move... that's my seat." He said looking at me.

    "Is it? I didn't know, I couldn't see your name written over here." I said sarcastically. "Go sit somewhere else."

    "You don't know me?" He asked.

    I could feel the anger in his voice...

    "No I don't. Is your name written on your face too? If it is, then I am sorry I can't see." I said confidently.

    "It's ok, hyung. Sit somewhere else today." The cutest one of them said.

    "You are on her side or mine Jungkook?" The cold one asked Jungkook glaring at him with eyes full of... Jealousy?

    So, his name is Jungkook. He is cute like a cookie!!! I will call him kookie, if he became friends with me, which I highly doubt.

    "No one's side hyung." Jungkook said. "By the way, I am Joen Jungkook." My lips curved into a smile as he introduced himself.

    "And I am Park Jimin." the other one with pink hair said. "And he is Kim Taehyung."

    Jimin and Jungkook were really sweet. But taehyung, can't say the same about him.

    "What's your name?" Jimin asked.

    "I am Kim Yoonah." I answered with a big smile on my face.

    "Sit behind her hyung, let Yoonah noona sit there." Woah! That's the first!.... No one has ever addressed me as his noona!.... Fuck it! Everybody said that I am a stinky pig.....

    After so much discussion, I ended up sitting beside Jimin, Jungkook and Taehyung were sitting behind us. I could see all the girls staring me. What do they want!?.... Is this school also like the past one....ugh! I better survive in here...

    "It will not be as bad as the previous one." I mumbled underneath by breath but Jimin heard it. He asked, but I just shrugged it off and he let it go. Jungkook also helped me by giving his notes.

    The people are nice in here...... I am already loving this school!!!.....

    Suddenly a paper ball hit me on my head. It was from a girl sitting in the next row. Pfft.....Can I take that line back!?

    "Open it already." She mouthed and looked at me with those sparkling pair of eyes. She was surely looking like a dangerous kitten who will pounce at me in a second!

    I opened it.

    "You bitch, stay away from BTS and if I see you with my Taehyung oppa once again, then... you are smart enough to understand." It was written on that note with a black pen.

    Tch! Who said that this school was good!?......Taehyung 'oppa'!? I will never like him!.....

    "Who had thrown this!?!?" Jimin shouted in my ears after reading it. When did he read it!? He surely have big ears and eyes..... (A/N - he have something else big too! ) Aish... Shut up, Author-nim!..... I am the innocent one here.....

    "It's ok, Jimin." I said.

    "What happened hyung?" Jungkook asked Jimin while snatching the paper away from my hands.

    I could see from my corner of eye that Taehyung was also reading the note.

    "Huh... These girls are pabo." Jungkook said. "Don't worry noona, they will not do anything and if they do, then they will have to answer us."

    "Why are you both worried about me? I am just a no one." I said looking down.

    Why are they so nice to me!?.....I don't deserve something like this....

    "And I have suffered from this earlier to.. Shit!!.. I mean...Thanks!! I will take care of myself." I smiled at them and started writing on my notebook again.

    Now, my eyes were watery.... I am not comfortable with nice people around me.... I know that I am weird, but this is how I am.... This is the first time someone cared about me.... So yeah! I am a bit emotional...

    { Taehyung's Pov }

    What does she mean by that? She has suffered before. I can see her eyes were watery...

    Why do I care? Leave...

    Bell rang.

    "Period is over, let's go!!" I said.

    "Noona, you wanna join us?" Jungkook asked her. This makne is so innocent!... She is same like the other girls who always clings on our arms for our fame....

    "You guys go, I have a friend waiting for me over there. See you all later." She said and smiled at both Jungkook and Jimin and went. Yahh!!! What about me!?.... How can she ignore me like that!?????...... I already hate her.....

    "Bye noona!! Bye!" Jungkook and Jimin waved at her as she waved back. These kids!!! Ugh.....

    { Yoonah's Pov }

    "Let's go, Jihyun." I said and smiled at the girl smiling back at me who was my one and only friend who accepted me as who I am. Well..... I want to be friends with Jungkook and Jimin too, but I don't think if they feel the same.....

    "What was written on that paper?" She asked.

    "I will tell you in canteen, come...." I replied.

    "And what's up with you and Taehyung?" She winked, teasing me. Why everyone is connecting me and Taehyung!?.... We barely talked to each other....

    "Nothing.... Jihyun, Don't talk about him now." I said and she nodded sensing the tension between me and Taehyung. She is really understanding...

    We then walked chit chatting about other stuffs.