• ariprakashyap 10w


    Finally came the day of the conclusion,
    the whole family together busy in making assumptions
    But the victim in the average student, remained silent...
    For he knew he was carrying his parent's reputation.

    Everyone's eyes on the laptop screen...
    But the victim's eyes down,
    sticked somewhere at the corner of the room
    Feets slowly moving forward towards the laptop and fingers towards the keyboard
    With shivering state, he entered the roll number
    And beaming with a charming smile said, 85%!
    His glowing brightness was increasing with the family's praises....but....
    But came, his uncle's call
    Announcing his child's result...
    And the glowing brightness somewhere faded away hearing the phone call result, 93%!

    The praises changed into motivation in a blaze...
    'You can still do better!' that's what they said.
    And the boysenberry sky suddenly started dropping raindrops,
    Same as the victim's eyes started shedding drops of emotions, flowing down towards his cheeks....and he?
    He , into his room again, heartsick , with the lost glow and wet eyes!
    ©ariprakashyap (@ari_voices)
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