• iamaftertherain 5w

    I’m grateful for every fumble,
    I imagine this scenario in my head but, it’s probably more real-
    I run into my ex and his family,
    His dad asks what I’ve been doing,
    I tell him I’m a successful lawyer - alongside just an established person,
    He can see my wealth and my grit,
    He says how I’ve gotten that job,
    I tell him,
    I say that well I’ve worked really hard,
    And I’ve read a lot,
    And I’ve spent a lot of hours in school,
    And working jobs I could learn from,
    And struggling to make it on my own,
    Learning what it meant to struggle,
    And then I say but mostly,
    Besides the degrees,
    And besides the work,
    The thing I attribute the success the most to,
    Are the heartbreaks,
    And the fumbles,
    Feeling broken and lost-
    Every heartbreak has taught me more than anything in school,
    Especially if it was abusive, betrayal, and dishonest-
    If I was broken-
    It taught me more-
    And the patches and the hurt-
    They allowed me to be a tougher,
    Stronger person ,
    Then someone who never truly experiences that kind of betrayal or devastation,
    That it taught me more about people than I needed to know,
    And I stare at him-
    Knowing god damn well-
    I am including his lazy,
    And privileged son,
    With the girl who betrayed and bullied me in high school on his arm,
    Settled with an average subpar life,
    I just look with confidence and a shine in my eye.
    That’s what made me-
    And that’s why I’m different.
    I shrug and smile with my eyes,
    And my lips move to the side,
    I walk away.
    I didn’t have anyone to back me up.
    It was just me,
    And I was stronger.