• luispabon 6w

    Black people in this country have every right to be defensive because we are constantly being called into question. Our right to life is constantly being called into question, our right to exist, to breathe, to eat, to sleep, to have fun is constantly being called into question. We are repeatedly being called in for questioning as though we are suspects. We are systematically being interrogated and indicted based on the mere act of our existence. We are safe nowhere as we are percieved to be a danger everywhere. Why I get so angry sometimes? It's because we're constantly being given the short end of the stick, We are constantly being denied our just due. We are expected to live on the fringes and the margins of society and accept the dregs and left overs from this so called "American feast". We are not treated fairly in a world that guarantees us freedom and our inalienable right to life. So if we walk around angry and enraged, we have every right to be!

    Luis Pabon
    Poet, Writer, Change Agent