• brokensoulwhichstilldreams 9w

    You know what hurts the most

    When you put your own life in line for someone, you would have done so many things to that one person without any expectation in mind cause you did them with one and only intention which is nothing but love ♥️. All of the sudden due to some reason something gets messed up without your intentions and all you did crumbles right in front of you. The same person leaves you stating we were selfish and they just disappear from your life pointing that one mistake where in you lived or let go of everything they did just because you loved them.

    What's even worse is everyone who stabbed them from back becomes their most important person in life and you become the one who they hate the most.

    In the end all you did is putting them above everything and even when things were not on the right terms you kept choosing them more than yourself .

    I guess this is just a price that we pay for our actions

    A person who loved truly just doesn't loose their partner, He/She would have lost so much which will take forever to fix because we gave everything with nothing to hold back.