• wandering_and_wondering_ 5w

    I still remember the time when we were young and on our bday we were exempted from boring school dress, and have to follow some implied rules
    1. Best friend can take out as much chocolates as they wants but classmates will get only one
    2. On your superheroic day you'll provided with a side kick. Who will roam whole school with you.
    3. If you see any student standing outside the class getting punishment. You compulsorily have to give him/her evil smile

    On evening our parents used to throw a big party for us, where from our parent's friends to padoswali aunties all were invited. It doesn't matter how uncomfortable you feel infront of everyone you have to put a big smile and answer every question politely even though most of the questions will be as dumb as "how you're growing so fast".

    Our parents wanted to make us feel like we're king of somewhere. Setting up whole party all by themselves, taking care of what would we like. They would do whatever it takes to make us feel special.
    From there to Till today, no matter how much we have grown up you're, for our parents we are still a kid and they'll still do anything to make you smile. I can't even Imagine a second without my family.