• only1janelle 6w

    In This Moment

    As I sit here without you
    My mind begins to wander
    Aimlessly back and forth
    It's everything I ponder

    This emptiness I feel
    My heart's cry inside
    Depths beyond the surface
    This how we coincide

    A yearning for the truth
    My heart crying for more
    This love for you so real
    Something I can't ignore

    Unwavering strength
    Is what you possess
    Holding onto this love
    Is which we attest

    Often left standing alone
    Hopelessness sinking in
    Each day harder to express
    Leaving us with chagrin

    This moment of clarity
    This moment of affirmation
    Realizing in a single flash
    The feeling of amelioration

    Never standing alone
    Knowing we are blessed
    God is always with us
    All those who are oppressed

    The Lord's illumination
    Overtakes our souls
    Ridding us of our struggles
    Our hearts he then consoles

    Looking into the heavens
    I thank God so much for you
    He brought us the love
    That we were overdue

    It's for you that my heart beats
    That I've become so strong
    All the feelings that I have
    It's for you they belong

    The loneliness without you
    Creeping up on me
    So I turn to how I feel
    When it's you I see

    Your beautiful face
    The way that we touch
    The way that you touch me
    The feeling such a rush

    It's for this that I pray
    For our unfailing strength
    That we stand for each other
    No matter the length

    I love you sweetheart
    It's you that I admire
    It's this life with you
    That I do aspire

    No matter what you're feeling
    Just know that I am there
    Standing there beside you
    It's this that I declare