• prasannakkumar 6w

    Title : shower of blessings...

    Shower of blessings
    showered by the God of Rain
    the crops see themselves
    sprouting with springing
    and sprinting,
    The sound of fresh air
    made the fully grown yield
    of corn to dance in the rhythm
    of profusion
    of smiles and rhapsodies,
    The shower of blessings
    reverberated the jungles
    the birds of flock assembled
    to take the matter forward,
    The forest of fawn run behind
    their mothers
    sucklings made a hue and
    cry of happiness,
    The shower of blessing marvelled
    as the stock getting clearance,
    Harvest season begins
    with a bonfire burning,
    the warmth made all their
    hearts to be best

    ©Prasanna Kkumar
    Image source : google

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