• maleficent_ 9w

    w i n e a n d k i s s e s

    We both hate love ; so when we visit each other's house , we keep sandpapering our feelings .
    Bottles come out and we get drunk till our senses go numb .
    "Its raining again" , You blurt mid-kiss and shove your hands in my hair .
    My house smells of old newspapers , coffee residue , spilled ink and rotting love . You sometimes bring sunflowers which I later throw because the bright yellow hurts my eyes . We touch each other but we don't get touched , like you do something just for the sake of doing it . My veins float inside me and I twist and turn between your arms , but you never let go . You tuck me between your fingers before sleeping , and wake up when I move .
    My nose bleeds .

    You crawl into my unkept bedroom and find my dirtier love and fading lust , you pick up broken shells of my medulla and make earrings out of them .
    I let you create chaos because you look good in the frame of my life , but you don't do love . Just like me.

    You come out with a deep cut in your hand because you tried to pick up broken glass , you ask me to bandage it , but I let you bleed and cut myself from the same glass . Giving people the same pain as you , is better than mending your holes .

    You pull me to bed and then we make love , just for the sake of making love and forgetting each other the next morning . We end up with blue purple bruises all over and laugh at them . They'll remind me of sins I committed and forgot later .

    Love demands efforts and we're bad with words , We chase people who run further away and we bemoan autumn even when plucking flowers is all we spend springs for , we scream silence , we drive straight into lampposts , we see pits as Melting mashmellows and we peel our skin off just to coat the veins with metal .

    So , we don't stay when we visit each other , we fuck and leave , meet and fuck , then forget about each other and Always keep not loving .

    "Stay a little longer ?"
    "Can't , Next time ."

    - Ruhii

    This is what drunk writing looks like .

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