• sherylthepoet 5w

    I call you crush cause you crushed my feelings

    I never knew he existed,heck I never knew him at all,
    One day our paths crossed,first conversation and he got me captured.
    The kind of conversation that feels intimate,safe,happy...

    Then,he showed me how much he has been praying about me,
    Secret pictures of me walking to work,me just busy on my phone at a park,me listening to music outside our flats..

    He had waited for 8months before he could talk to me,he looked me in the eyes and told me you have an aura I find hard to resist
    I liked you from first eye set,I adored u in secrecy,I hurt when I see you smiling with another man,

    I felt like kissing him and telling him marry me now!
    Well three weeks down the line he can’t stand my sight,he couldn’t take a wait and a no for an answer,

    I’m thankful his charming words and acts never spread my legs,
    Never made me lie on his chest
    But his kiss I miss.....

    He crushed the friendship feelings,he can’t stand my guts now and I can’t comprehend how!!!