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    Hope somebody is out there always absent from the classroom ��

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    As I sit in the Maths class

    As I sit in the mathematics class,
    Wondering whether I would pass,
    The teacher shoots formulas from his mouth,
    But my ears rebound them, uncouth,
    The numbers and diagrams dance on the board, gleefully,
    And I clap and nod mechanically.
    And then sounds,
    The droning inanimation,
    Buzzing out,
    The human transportation,
    The blood, the heart, the chamber of secrets,
    And my brain is a clot.
    Drowsy heads, drooling mouths, studious facades.
    Four chambers, oxygenated blood, blah blah blah...
    But my pen beckons me, Hola!
    It smirks at the madding crowd
    Maddening yet more for ranks,
    Unaware that it's suicide
    Original sparks' foeticide.
    And then the bell rings,
    My thoughts scatter
    Hither and thither,
    As I sit in the Bio class,
    My mind do I tether.