• lass_who_scribbles 4w

    Why do I love him?

    Someone asked me 'Why do you love him?'. I told them 'I love him for everything'. I loved him with everything I had. I loved him for the kid that he was, the one who lost his parent and had to grow up too soon. I love him for the child he was, the one who gave up so much because he felt that he was being an inconvenience and wanted to be as invisible as possible. I love him for the boy he was, the one who had no one to guide him, the one who was always sad, the one who turned to books because that was the only thing that taught him what to be when he grew up. I love him for who he was in college, the one who had no interest in studying, the boy who was just discovering himself and the one who started to make friends. I love him for what he grew up to be, the who always had the fire, the ambition, the one who refuses to settle for anything less than what he deserves. I love him for the man he is now, the one who is well informed, opinionated, witty and clever. I love him for the man he will be one day, the successful, kind, giving and all around amazing. I love him for him.