• yazushi 10w


    There lived a child..

    She knows nothing but being honest...

    She was naive..innocent..humble..

    She was very good at maths ..

    She had only one companion,confidante..

    She listens to her friend no matter what..

    The time passes by...

    One day her friend was hospitalised..

    She was with him..waiting ...

    When he opens his eyes...

    She was praying the god...

    At last the wait is over..

    He finally opened his eyes..

    He didn't remember the friend...

    Calling her in the name of someone..

    At the moment she was heart broken..

    After the few hours ..

    He regained full consciousness..

    He asked for her...

    Knowing the unfortunate incident..

    He repeated her name again and again..

    She came back...

    But the happiness is for a short period..

    Having her infront of him..

    He died..leaving her alone..

    She was lost..broken..

    She could not talk to anyone..

    She just realised...

    He is her grandfather too❤️

    She was never the same ..

    After she lost him..

    He was a blessing in her life..

    He always stays alive in her heart..

    Grandparents are not less than the parents..