• untoldvibes 5w

    Rape is sick mentality and evil behaviour perform by an Impotent who pretends to prove his Manhood within himself or with some jackass while abusing Women physically......!!

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    I am a Victim !!

    I am a Victim, A taboo for all
    They killed my soul & Tear my clothes
    Punched in my abdomen & Invade my hopes
    I am weeping in pain & Creeping
    A darkness to tell, Listen what I say
    It is my story, How they took me to the grey

    I dream like a wonder, Would it be the best ?
    I used to be a freebee, Fruitful and dressed
    Daughter of a father, Sister of a brother
    I respect the relations and care for others
    How mean is the society they judge me for clothes
    As I am equally responsible and let them cross
    I feel the barbarian and tearing of clothes
    Frightened in myself and loosing all hopes
    They tighed my hands and throw me on the floor
    Lust all they have and showed mercy no more
    Clawed me all over and played with my soul
    Body I forget when they tossed me and roast
    We call us Communal, Religious and Faith
    When I was seeking help, No one came to save
    This earth is a living space and artificial behaviour
    Help those in need and try become a saviour.