• rightcalling 5w

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    Nothing an abuse to overlook when I can trace disguise.

    The game of numbering fame.
    The game of distributing lame.
    The game of contributing name.
    The game of researching frame.
    The game of hiding shame.
    The game of breeding inflame.
    The game of recycling aspartame.
    The game of testing became!

    'AME' is the secret aim of the needle, it's ideally suited for suture, simile or simple future!

    The world has changed a lot, the facts of the old concept make our faith verily strong, a very early understanding is the key of any advance incentive temperament. This is why habit makes everything permanent!


    Never fall asleep; the delight of dance Intraday! ✨UNIVERSE✨

    Trono means Throne, and we like to be thrown away!

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