• maxine_ 10w


    I'm as Cool as stainless steel
    Mean as the most popular girl, when you've tried to take her place
    Loved like a dog
    A dirty old dog
    Who bites & fights
    Oh who am I?

    I am strong as the roots of the biggest trees
    I am as powerful and merciless as the gods before me
    I am as uncatchable and free as the breeze

    These are just words, who am I anyways
    a contradictory chaos
    Of good and bad, of sane and mad?
    These words could never do,
    I'm as Indescribable as life.
    Speechless as a mute, I stand before you
    Gawking and eyeing at all your goodness.
    I know I am worth - less
    I am like an old Copper Penny, not worth much now
    But I stand tall and my head held high
    With pride
    Not sure why
    All these insecurities are inside of me
    Maybes it's cause I should have died
    By my own destructions or some man's
    And I'm still alive
    Alive ! Alive!
    Like Frankenstein's monster, some of my pieces are missing, some are brand new
    But Still my feet on the land
    living this crazy life - oh how grand