• shanara3den 23w

    At rest with myself

    You break the bottle against the wall
    But you don't have to clean it up at all
    I put my gloves on
    And clean the pile up
    Everyone files out
    And I'm left by myself
    Don't get me wrong
    I love being alone
    I blast up the radio
    And do some yoga
    Or step outside to breathe some fresh prana
    Have jazz or opera play in the background
    I'm an old soul in a modern world
    Content with minimal stimuli
    That presents a twinkle in my eye
    Makes me forget all their lies
    It's such a tragedy that I can't even trust my own family
    So yes leave me be
    I swear I'll be content and happy
    With my pen and paper
    Digging for treasure at my leisure
    I don't live to please you
    I live only to see the truth
    I hope one day you all see it too
    For now until who knows when
    I'll be alone with my paper and pen