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    #follow your brain#stop blaming yourself#and please don't give up#choose a new place and try to start a new life# hope it'll help you feel better

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    To all my friends who wants to end their life

    No one could revenge on those who destroyed their life through suicide. Cuz your death will only hurt those who truly loves you and not those who messed up your life or those who used your earnest trust and love for their own material sake. Do you wanna break the heart of those who truly loves you or wanna show those who hurt you by becoming more and more fiercer and stronger. Create a new life for yourself which they couldn't help not to envy. Turn your sadness and anger into the persistence to strive for your success no matter how hard it's to achieve. And show them the value of the stone they throw out. Just like pressure creates diamond and fire refines gold. Instead of seeing your problems as an end see it as a refining stage for the diamonds inside you to shine.