• warpedpoet 6w

    Beneath Udu bridge

    I'm sitting on the edge
    of Udu bridge,
    watching logs crawl apace,
    roaches of smoked shavings
    building tenements on swampy paths.
    No one told me the river
    would glimmer so.
    No one told me that the dew
    fades from the skeleton of the steel mill
    and the encroaching buildings
    will kiss the river's lips soon.

    Cars splutter pass
    as I watch sundered pasts,
    as I struggle with present misery,
    and peer into future's pain.
    Coming home hurts
    like a child refused friendship
    during playtime.
    No one told me that home
    would be drunk with empty cries
    and wealth would walk braless
    and pant-less to and fro
    before angry bitter eyes.

    I dust the seat of my thoughts
    and walk the last leg of my journey.
    I pass the policemen playing at policing
    and thieves playing at businessmen.
    I pass little girls playing dress up,
    carrying babies for little boys
    playing dress up carrying I-phones.
    Distressed jeans, tattoos and
    unwashed bodies, codeine, tramadol
    and unprotected sex juggled
    like university certificates and
    curriculum vitae.

    I come into the moon lit night
    And the night beckons to me
    Like a girl of the night,
    An asphalt queen at Jubilee hotel.
    Enerhen junction is abuzz with noise,
    Big boots drinking mokite
    And smoking blunt, selling
    Knocked off shoes and stolen phones,
    Lulling little ladies to sleep
    with sweet and sour stories of home.
    I watch it all before me lay me down
    To dream.