• batulvohra 9w

    We all are stories at the end aren't we??

    Life's like one big novel or a tv show if you please , with it's never ending sequels.
    You the protagonist surrounded by many other characters ( namely your friends, family, colleagues, significant other, and few others).
    We all may seem apart yet connected to each other. Connected by stories of our lifes in one way or other.
    Some stories run short , you dont realize that you reached the end.
    And some seem to be going on since ages but still you can't get over it.
    Some filled with laughter and smiles
    Some filled with pain n cries.
    Somewhere in the middle of chapter you feel all alone
    But the very next moment there enters a person known/unknown.
    Times would come where you'd like to skip or fast forward few pages
    And then there'd be days where you'd be rewinding those old pages..

    Your stories do affect others
    And so are you by theirs
    At the end of the day a common writer is what we share


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    We all are stories at the end aren't we??