• dhanashree22 31w


    You are drowning in the effort it takes you to smile.it was not supposed to be this bad. They were going to end this lifelong pain. Look now. They didn't. Just like everyone who had come before them. who had promised you the same things. The same dreams. The same future. And the promise they'll never let you go.

    What will you do now? Will you love yourself the way you deserved to be loved,or you betray yourself as usual? Don't you know the years you have neglected your own self count too.? Hasn't anybody told you what year's of self pity to do a person? Don't you understand that all this hated you secretly for your own self and everyone else who left you Alone is the worst for your self abuse?

    It's not only they who left you, you have done it to yourself for hundred times too. And the worst part of it all is that you don't even know it.

    Please love yourself!