• bewaaji_madeewa 5w


    Life-giver! Who conciously took me in
    Ensuring my sweet crafting by three trimesters
    Melodically replicating life with nurtures
    First lover and teacher; my feeble bones in your love grew

    Sweetest hands that patted me gently from my first breath
    Rocking my craddled daily till I grew
    My first walk and talk mate and teacher
    On knees her prayer fire ascends with quick replies

    Centrepiece of enchanting culinary skills
    Vast shade of personality; sister,wife, daughter and mother
    Working and busy yet her home is satisfied
    Ever true listener! To my not-funny comedy she laughs

    Dear mother! My shining light so bright
    Your love undying even when you pass on
    To my children a sweet version of you, I will replay
    Till old age; your worship I will sing