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    I think we have a lot to learn from nature, something we so easily take for granted. Psychologists focus on finding on staying grounded in moments of distressing emotions like anxiety and sadness. The flowers, the trees, notice them, and how they allow things to happen, without a need for control. There's a great learning in that, when we allow the difficult and the pleasant moments to just be, we flow with them instead of against them. They call it 'let it go', I say 'let it flow':) #poetry #life #poem #mirakeepoet #lessons #being #mindfulness #nature #love #presentmoment @writersnetwork @readwriteunite

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    Stay here

    Peeking through the
    Caskets of the year
    Witnessing the seeds
    Now blossoms
    The steadiness
    The beauty
    With which they stay
    Unperturbed by environs
    Allowing bees to buzz
    Winds to breeze
    Rain to nourish
    Sun to shine
    Grounded in self
    Inherent in one's being